BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Oofos – Comfortable Washable…

Comfortable Washable Sandals for Walking

The days of flat $5 flip flops are so over. Make the switch to Oofos! Oofos are designed to support and cushion the foot in ways that regular sandals cannot. The story behind the brand and product is actually pretty cool:

We began as a team of footwear veterans — friends dating back to the athletic footwear and running shoe boom of the ’70s and ’80s. What brought us together was a desire to fill a need for footwear that could help fitness enthusiasts recover from repeated workouts on hard surfaces. Stores are filled with athletic shoes designed to offer rebound and energy return — shoes that spring you forward when you’re exercising. What was missing was a material that could do the opposite: actually absorb shock after a workout. Two and a half years of tireless development later, we had a breakthrough on our hands. Revolutionary foam technology combined with a biomechanically engineered footbed.

TL;DR So what you get from Oofos is the exact opposite of what you get from your best running shoes (in a good way!) The technology in running shoes is designed to return energy – help propel you through the run. Oofos are working to absorb that energy and give you lots of cushion.

There are a few reasons why these sandals are so darn comfortable:

Comfortable Washable Sandals for Walking

  • –SHOCK ABSORPTION: Oofos absorb 37% more shock than traditional footwear foam
  • –CRADLES YOUR ARCHES: Arch support helps take pressure off ankles, knees, and hips
  • –BIOMECHANICALLY DESIGNED: The shoe flexes with both your foot and the ground, so your body isn’t fighting anything
  • –MOISTURE-RESISTANT & WASHABLE: Closed-cell foam can be taken in the shower or machine washed

Once you go Oofos, you’ll never wear regular flip flops again.