BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Darn Tough Vermont – Darn Tough Socks

Darn Tough Vermont socks at Cabot Mills

Darn Tough makes one thing and one thing only: socks. They are a New England-based company, with their HQ in Northfield, Vermont. But not only are their headquarters located in our little corner of the world – all their manufacturing takes place there, too, at Cabot Mills, or as Darn Tough calls it: the sock capital of the world.

The Darn Tough story is bad ass. Many years ago, when a lot of manufacturing began moving out of the country in order to cut costs, they dug in and decided they were going to continue all their manufacturing operations as usual at Cabot Mills in Northfield, Vermont. The mill had become part of the fabric of the town, employing hundreds of people and contributing a lot to the community.

Darn Tough machines

Sounds simple in hindsight, but Darn Tough and the Cabot family were taking a huge risk by doing this. They almost lost the business (they didn’t, thankfully). They went through some really tough times, but kept pushing forward. And here we are today! If you talk to anyone at the company, you’ll immediately get a sense of family. It is really an incredible family story – and the socks they make are actually awesome.

Darn Tough socks being made

So here are a few things about the company and their socks that we think are rad:

  1. 100% made in the USA – nuff said
  2. Family-owned, small town business – seriously, Northfield Vermont IS the sock capital of the world
  3. Lifetime warranty – Darn Tough socks have a 100% unconditional lifetime guarantee
  4. Ridiculously high quality standards – there are so many touches that each sock gets in order to make sure it meets Darn Tough’s standards
  5. Made from (ethically sourced) merino wool – did you know that wool is a natural antimicrobial, excellent at moisture management, AND actually really great in the summer as well as the winter?!


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