Men's Brooks Addiction GTS 15

Soft, supportive and super protective. The Brooks Addiction GTS 15 has Brooks GuideRails that provides a holistic support system, aligning the body in its natural path keeping excess movement in check. This maximum supportive sneaker provides space for orthotics and higher volume feet accommodating all for wider feet.



Motion Control




12 mm


12.2 oz

Product Description:

Soft, supportive, and super protective. The Brooks Addiction GTS 15 has Brooks GuideRails that provides a holistic support system, which aligns the body in its natural path while keeping excess movement in check. This roomy-fitting running sneaker has a unique forefoot construction that allows space for orthotics or feet that need a high-volume shoe. The engineered Air Mesh along with the 3D Fit Print creates the right blend of stretch and structure for supreme comfort in this supportive running sneaker.

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Customer Reviews

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Mark Lane Verified Buyer

July 16, 2024

Brooks Addiction Review

I am 6 feet tall and weigh 185 lbs and I am looking for support/motion control and cushion in a shoe. I like the fit and control in the Brooks Addiction, but the shoe could definitely use more cushioning without adding more cost to the shoe. Do not know why a shoe for someone like me cannot have more cushioning in the forefoot. Please explain why!! Unfortunately, this is about the only shoe to use without breaking the bank. Limited options for individuals my size.

Lelio Parducci Verified Buyer

May 10, 2024

Excellent walking and workout shoe

Very good support at the heel. Works well for my high insteps. The wide fitting offers slightly too much play in the fore foot area but not a major issue. I would buy this again.

Anonymous Verified Buyer

February 08, 2024

Brooks Addiction GTS 15

Brooks Addiction motion control and stability are very good. Main drawback...the shoe needs more cushioning. Even if the shoe is heavier, more cushion to the shoe would enhance the ride tremendously. I'm 6 feet and 180 to 185 lbs. and manufacturers have somewhat discarded this group of runners. This is evident in the limited amount of choices we have in trying to find a stable and cushioned shoe for running.

Eric Biese Verified Buyer

January 23, 2024

Brooks rock!

Wonderful, love the fit and feel on my foot , feels more like gliding when walking

Anonymous Verified Buyer

August 17, 2023

Brooks Men's Addiction GTS 15 Review

Motion control shoes are limited for consumers. If a runner weighs over 180 lbs and over pronates, motion control running shoes lack adequate cushioning. Brooks motion control feature is fine, but the cushioning could be much better. Brooks Addiction is best of the lot for me, so far. May try another brand soon.

Anonymous Verified Buyer

May 14, 2023

Brooks Addiction

Great shoes and fast delivery!!