BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Balega Running socks

Balega Running Socks

Even though we’re in the foot industry, we are not afraid to admit that feet are pretty gross. Especially runner feet. However, the right sock can help them be just a little bit less gross by keeping your foot cool, dry, and blister-free.

Ever since they broke into the market more than a decade ago, Balega running socks have been a staple in our gear arsenal.

There are a few things that have made Balega into the leader in running socks. They’re super comfy, with a soft cotton-like feel on the foot (but there is NO COTTON in these socks, remember) and come in a variety of weights, heights, and colors. Beyond that, there is some serious tech in these socks:


Strategically placed vented panels help keep your foot cool and dry. Even in the models with more padding, a vented instep helps the sock feel minimal against your foot.


Pretty much a necessity for any running sock – a nice stretch in Balega socks ensures that there is no movement or friction on your foot.


Have you ever heard the term ‘high touch’ in manufacturing? Balega has that. Each sock is actually hand inspected before packaging. This means that any sock that doesn’t meet Balega’s high quality control standards does not make it to the consumer. The socks are also pre-washed before packaging, too!


However, that high touch factor doesn’t mean you’re going to break the bank with these socks. What we love about Balega is that they offer some great price point options, with the Hidden Comfort coming in at $12 a pair.


Ever had your sock slip down into your shoe? THE WORST. Balega adds 30% more stitching into the heel to give you a deeper pocket, so the sock never slips down.

These are all great reasons to pick up a pair or two of Balegas. But what we really love about the company is its ‘sole.’

At the core of everything that Balega does is the spirit of ‘ubuntu.’ This term, popularized by Nelson Mandela, translates to ‘I am a person through other people,’ and Balega uses it as kind of a company mantra. Only by banding together as a community and working together can we truly call ourselves human.

To that end, Balega is involved with a number of community and charitable projects around the world including Back On My Feet, various Veteran’s service organizations, Breast Cancer Fund (BCF), and more. It also annually awards the Ubuntu Award to a running store that embodies the spirit of giving back and coming together to make our communities stronger.

If you like thin socks, we have a Balega for you. If you like padded socks, we have a Balega for you. If you like no-show socks, we have a Balega for you. If you like crew socks, we have a Balega for you.

Ok, you get the point. Stop by your nearest Marathon Sports location and stock your sock drawer! [SHOP NOW]

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