Zensah Technical Face Mask (ZENSAH-FACEMASK)

Product Description: 

Excellent for running, walking, grocery shopping, and wearing throughout your everyday activities.

These masks are engineered to be antimicrobial, odor-free, moisture-wicking, quick drying, and ultra comfortable to help you “flatten the curve” with ease. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Larger mask to provide more facial coverage
  • 69% Nylon/25% Polypropylene/6% Spandex
  • Ideal care is machine wash warm, air dry.
  • Wash after each use along with the clothes you wore outside, and avoid touching the outside of mask after use.
  • These masks are NOT medical grade and will not prevent infection. For best results follow all CDC guidelines, including social distancing and hand washing. 
  • Made in Italy

**Final Sale. Please note: For hygienic reasons, this set is final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

CB Amos Verified Buyer

December 06, 2021

You've been wearing a mask for 18 months...

You've been wearing a mask for 18 months...time to get one that really works; comfortable and non-irritating material, stays around your neck so it's there when you need it, molds well to your face and doesn't slip or impede breathing. Just the mask you need.

Jamison [Staff Review]

November 27, 2020


This is my everyday mask for work. I work in a warehouse so I am constantly moving and lifting and it never falls off or slides around. I like that the straps do not go over my ears rather on my head and my neck for a comfortable fit. As for running in the mask I have it around my neck unless passing within 25 ft of another person which I then pull it on. Having it around your neck is comfortable and does not bounce. When I pull it up like most masks it becomes slightly harder to breathe but no more noticeable then other type and brands of masks. For running I again like the fact that it does not wrap around my ears and will not fall off.


October 15, 2020

Well fitting for larger-headed individuals [staff review]

I tried both the performance and the technical Zensah face masks and I prefer the technical. I have a larger than average head and I like the increased coverage. I think this mask hits a good middle ground where I can use it both while exercising and going to the store. It's thicker than a tubular style mask but not so thick that I can't breathe while running or cycling. I like the around-the-head straps compared with the ear loops for extended periods of time since they do not pull on my ears. After a couple of washes, my masks still haven't deformed or lost their elasticity. Overall, I like these masks and have bought some for my family members

Damien Yee Verified Buyer

October 01, 2020

Material feels good, but struggle to get air when breathing hard

Wore once, able to breathe fine walking, but as soon as I start running I have to really struggle to breathe through my mouth to get air, impossible to breathe through my nose when running. Not a fan at all.

Antonio Garces Verified Buyer

August 26, 2020

I initially bought one. After wearing it for about a week, I knew this one was the one I wanted. So I bought 2 more. The fit around the face is perfect. The only issue I see in the future, is eventually maybe the straps will be stretched out over time. But I still love them. I am buying more!!!!

Reginald Verified Buyer

August 12, 2020

Zensah Performance and Technical face masks one layer does not meet CDC guidelines

The Zensah Performance Face Mask fits well and is comfortable. Joggers can breath wearing the mask, but it takes a little getting use to. Runners may find it restrictive when breathing hard. I called Zensah, and the rep said it was one layer of material. This mask may may not reduce a user’s droplet or particulate spread as well as a multiply material mask. Joggers, like me, might wear two Zensah masks, but runners or strenuous exercisers who must breath deeply may need a different mask.

Dennis McCarthy Verified Buyer

July 29, 2020

Not any better...

I run and go to the gym and when running use a buff and it's sufficient though I stay away from people. I love Marathon Sports and saw they recommended this mask. I have worn it the gym and I have found it nearly impossible to breathe with while working out. It works about as well as masks costing half as much. I would recommend this mark, totally overhyped.

Mike L Verified Buyer

July 23, 2020

Suffocating! Not breathable enough for normoxic exercise

Felt closer to the N95 I wear occasionally for work than a mask for running or exercise. Every inhalation had me pulling the mask fabric into my open mouth, and the one time I tried climbing with this, I was quite light headed by the time I’d finished the climb. I have not experienced this with the other masks I’ve used for exercise, and this was far and away the worst for exercise. On the other hand, I’d seeking a mask that will perform well as an everyday mask to trap exhalation vapor, this is a pretty good one, precisely because it’s not very breathable.

Theresa Ganal Verified Buyer

July 21, 2020

Highly recommend

Very comfortable and not constricting. I prefer to not have the bands around my ears.

bruce ployer Verified Buyer

July 20, 2020

perfect for the gym

You could say I am a "gym rat" and was I looking for the perfect mask for my workouts. I found it...

Celia Chin Verified Buyer

July 07, 2020

More breathable for physical activity

More breathable than the surgical or cloth ones for physical activity. Good fit. Just be aware that the grey ones (technical) are slightly larger than the white (performance) ones.