UnTapped Energy Gel

If you've never tried the perfect pair of decadent chocolate swirled with Pure Vermont maple syrup, you're missing out. The delightfully chocolatey taste will fuel you no matter the distance. The addition of the 60mg of sea salt makes this an excellent electrolyte replenishment choice.


Product Description: 

This electrolyte replacement gel combines pure Vermont maple syrup, organic raspberry juice, and sea salt. With organic, all-natural ingredients, this gel helps maintain electrolyte balance during your training and races.

Features and Benefits:



Organic Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, Organic Raspberry Juice, Sea Salt.

Customer Reviews

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Akhil Verified Buyer

April 22, 2024

Little too sweet for my taste.

Anonymous Verified Buyer

April 01, 2023


Really enjoyed the flavor and texture of this product. Had right before my run and didn't have any stomach issues- would definitely buy again