Spenco Polysorb Walker/Runner Insole

Product Description:

The PolySorb Walker/Runner Insoles from Spenco provide contoured, flexible support that cradles your feet. Each insole has 4-way stretch fabric to prevent blisters and is made of Spencore material to absorb shock while providing intense comfort and cushioning. The anti-microbial protection works to control odor-causing bacteria.

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Anonymous Verified Buyer

September 20, 2023


I returned the item because of surplus, but this is a reliably standard good, not great insole. Definitely not extraordinary but better than average. Insoles can deteriorate, so use them don’t store them. Fits well in running shoes and boots or roomy shoes, but may have to be trimmed for smaller shoes… good quality and my first choice if I am not going for maximum support