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A reinvention of the cushioned daily trainer, the On Cloud Surfer 4.0 offers a lightweight and cushioned ride with computer-optimized CloudTec® Phase midsole technology.



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A Reinvention Of The Cushioned Daily Trainer

The On Cloud Surfer 4.0 is a completely redesigned version of its predecessor, offering a lightweight and cushioned ride. On incorporated new, computer-optimized CloudTec® Phase midsole technology in this running shoe. This upgrade introduces enhanced cushioning and heel-to-toe transitions that feel smoother and softer than ever. This new midsole includes pods underfoot that are embedded in the midsole and are designed to collapse as your foot lands, then rebound as you take off.

The previous Cloudsurfer midsoles utilized a Speedboard® but it was removed this time around, making it lighter and eliminating some stiffness in the shoe. The foam underfoot consists of Helion™ superfoam to give you superior performance whether you’re walking, running, or racing. The upper of the shoe has also seen some changes as well. Redesigned with a breathable engineered mesh, the upper has removed plastic overlays and is made in part with recycled content.

On has always strived to make its products more sustainable over the years and this shoe is a prime example. The reduction of plastic overlays helps reduce unnecessary waste while a new dying process helps drastically reduce the amount of water needed. Overall, the Cloudsurfer 4.0 is made with 30% recycled content.

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Customer Reviews

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Marcos Verified Buyer

March 05, 2024

Unfortunately I am returning mine not fitting my expectations bad stitching made a shoe look twisted. Still waiting on my refund

Jong Kim Verified Buyer

May 17, 2023

arguably my favorite walking shoes

Very soft and comfy cushion and snug fit. I wear this pair for slow walking though so can't really tell if it's great for running though.

Jong Kim Verified Buyer

May 17, 2023

arguably my favorite walking shoes

I bought this comfy pair of shoes not for some serious running but because of my injury from last year. I was looking for super comfy shoes with a lot of cushion. I've owned Ultraboost from Adidas but I'd say Cloudsurfer 3.0 is more cushy and fits better than Ultraboost collection. First of all, unlike Ultraboost models for which I have to force my feet in initially when I wear the shoes, I can just put my feet and the shoes wrap my feet snugly without any adjustment needed. May that's not a good thing if you prefer a tighter fit.