Women's Mizuno Wave Rebellion



Motion Control




8 mm


6.3 oz

Product Description:

The Mizuno Wave Rebellion are lightweight competition shoes. The Mizuno Wave Plate reinforced with optical fibres. The upper is made of a single layer of air-mesh. Ensuring high breathability and comfort. The tongue is made of a stretchy material providing a snug fit. The new Mizuno ENERZY LITE material in the midsole makes the shoe 22% softer and 35% more springy. 

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Customer Reviews

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November 01, 2021

Staff review

I love the Rebellion. The Rebellion has just enough cushion but still responsive to keep me moving. The colors are great because I love to have bright color on my feet. I’m looking forward to using this shoe for my half marathons and marathon races. I love the snug fit and the tongue stays in place while running. This is a great long distance running shoe.

Anna Brook

October 26, 2021

[Staff Review]

I love the Wave Rebellion! I went up a half size from what I normally wear, and the fit was perfect. I love the colors of the shoe and the thin upper material is fantastic! It's flexible enough, while still holding my foot in place! The cushioning is great and is able to take me through some higher miles, but it is light and responsive enough that I am able to use it in my workouts. For anyone looking for a faster shoe for a half-marathon or marathon, this shoe is definitely it!

Matyas Csiki-Fejer

October 19, 2021

A Stout and Powerful Speed Trainer (Staff Review)

This is one of the best workout shoes on the market. The upper is comfortable, snug, and not as narrow as other Mizuno shoes. The tongue locks around the foot securely and has never slipped out of place. The midsole of the shoe feels very similar to the PWRRUN PB material used in the Saucony Endorphin series, but is distinguished by an extended, forked waveplate that gives the shoe a pleasant, rockered structure. This unique rocker makes tempo and threshold paces feel pleasant, especially on the roads. Despite its higher stack height, the firm toe-off of this shoe combined with its grippy outsole means it performs best at shorter, faster intervals, feeling effortless on speed repeats from 600m to 100m. After nearly 50 miles, I've noticed little to no wear or compression on the midsole, meaning this shoe will last you through lots of workouts and races. The aesthetics of the shoe are also great, as is the build quality. I don't think I've ever seen such a solidly constructed and stout heel counter in a speed/racing shoe before. Beware, however, if your primary goal is to run easy and build mileage, this may not be the product for you. While higher intensity running allows users to compress the Enerzy Lite foam and make use of the responsive waveplate, this is not the case at easier paces. When slowing down, this shoe can sometimes feel a little clunky and too rigid, meaning its best saved for days when your legs are feeling relatively fresh. Overall, this is a fantastic addition to the Mizuno lineup.


September 28, 2021

Staff Review

The Wave Rebellion offers a more generous fit than everyday Mizuno trainers and do not feel as narrow. Cushioning feels soft but stable. The shoe is more rigid through the mid foot and the rocker allows for a smooth motion from heel strike to toe off. The toe off is responsive and springy. Not an everyday wear shoe and I found them to be more comfortable when in an actual forward motion.