Women's Mizuno Wave Inspire 17

Enhanced cushioning combined with a tried and true support system. The new Mizuno Enerzy foam heel wedge increased cushioning, and an updated fan-shaped wave will get you there in the softest way possible. From landing to transition, your runs will be smoother and more stable than ever before.


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Product Description:

Enhanced cushioning combined with a tried and true support system. No matter what your next move is, the new Mizuno Enerzy foam heel wedge increased cushioning, and an updated fan-shaped wave will get you there in the softest way possible. From landing to transition, your runs will be smoother and more stable than ever before.  

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Customer Reviews

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Anonymous Verified Buyer

January 13, 2023

Tried and true

I’ve been wearing this shoe series for more than 10 years. Great support for my flat feet. Only changed I’d make is that they used to be more sleek and look less bulky. I have 2 pairs though, one for gym and one for long distance running, so I do like them. The size 8 fits best for running, while I can also wear a 7.5.

Amy McHugh Verified Buyer

February 05, 2022

Love this sneaker !

Provides excellent support and stability while being very comfortable. I am so glad I was introduced to the shoe at Marathon Sports!

Antonia P

March 22, 2021

Fantastic Update! (Staff Review)

Very impressed with the Inspire 17's! I've put many miles in these shoes and am so happy with how soft and light it is from short to longer days. Great supportive shoe that compares nicely to models such as the Saucony Guide and Brooks Adrenaline. In comparison, the Inspire's run slightly narrow, runs pretty true to size. I've always been a size 7 and was able to stay with that with these. From the Inspire 16 to the 17 big take aways for me are the "Mizuno Enerzy Foam," creating the cushioned feel and sleek upper design enhancing looks, lightweight and breathability. If you've been pleased with previous versions of the Inspire, you are sure to love this one!


February 22, 2021

Feels Like Home [Staff Review]

I have been running in every version of the Mizuno Inspire for about 7 years and this year's version does not disappoint! This has always been my go-to trainer because of its nonintrusive level of support and the snappy, responsive wave plate. The biggest changes I noticed immediately upon step-in were the fit in the toe box and the cushioning. The upper on the toe area seems to be shallower than previous versions, creating a snugger, more close fit feel but I didn't find it to be bothersome once I got in some more miles. However, my foot is on the narrower side so wider feet would not work well here. I was also worried about the new Enerzy cushioning being too squishy for my liking but I was surprised to find it seemed to keep my knees and ankles feeling better than normal after longer runs and still retained the responsive snap of the wave plate. Overall great update for a reliable, moderate stability shoe!


February 16, 2021

Soft and Supported! (Staff Review)

The new update of the Inspire 17 is awesome! The new Mizuno Energy foam is just what I needed! It is super soft and responsive, giving the shoe a overall nice bounce to it while out on a run or even just walking around. I am equally impressed with the stability and support it provides, making me feel stable while I am out on a run. Overall a great experience and an awesome update!

Amy Bouchard

February 09, 2021

Soft and Supportive! (Staff Review)

While this isn't a shoe I normally run in (I go for a more natural style), it is the shoe that helped me during my high school XC season to alleviate my knee pain, so I do have a bit of a soft spot for it! This latest model of the Inspire has that same soft cushioning, but with the signature bounce that Mizuno offers. It almost feel like a high cushion shoe in some ways, despite the lower price point. This model feels sleeker and less bulky than previous models, with a smooth transition through the footstrike, which was my main complaint from the 16. It has a good gripping fit on the heel, a moderate natural arch to it, and a wider toe box than Mizunos typically have. I still stand by going up a half size in this shoe than you would normally wear for the most accurate fit. Definitely a great shoe for someone looking for stability, cushion and a shoe that hugs the foot nicely. If you wear the Asics GT-2000 or New Balance 860, I'd suggest trying this shoe out too!

Shelley M

February 05, 2021

Great Update

Awesome update to the Inspire 17. The cushioning is softer and feels great during either a short or long run. The toebox feels roomier than previous versions. The fit is true to size with other brands that I wear. This shoe will definitely be in my rotation.


February 05, 2021

Staff Review - Impeccable Update!

I am amazed and in love with the update to the Inspire. It is not only light and fast, but it is soft and responsive. I feel like I'm flying, while also knowing my feet are supported. It feels natural on my feet and I'm very happy with the product.


February 04, 2021

Soft and Stable

The new Mizuno Inspire 17 has some amazing updates this year! The new wedged waveplate through the midfoot and heel gives it a more stable feel while you are running. Their new MIZUNO ENERZY foam gives this shoe a soft but still bouncy feel like a traditional Mizuno. Overall the shoe is very comfortable whether you are walking or running. It has a true to size fit, a stretchy comfortable upper and provides the type of stability you want to feel from a shoe. I would highly recommend this shoe to everyone!


February 03, 2021

Be inspired! [Staff Review]

The new Inspire 17 is truly amazing! The upper mesh material is comfortable and soft on the foot. The energized foam gives you a soft ride while providing the support necessary. Get inspired to try the new INSPIRE 17


February 03, 2021

great shoe for narrow feet

This shoe provides great dynamic support and holds up well! My one complaint is that the toes box is a bit too narrow for my liking. Over all a great shoe though.


February 03, 2021

Inspire 17

The Inspire 17 is a great update! My initial reaction was "woah, this is soft!" It's definitely softer than the Inspire 16. One thing I noticed is that the cushion feels slightly uneven in the forefoot, I noticed a V-Shaped area that felt firm under the ball of my foot. The shoe fits true to size, I am always an 8.5 and the 8.5 fits me well. The shoe appears slightly bulkier than the last model but that's just because it has so much cushion!

Carolyn Mooney

February 03, 2021

Staff Review

I have never ran in Mizuno before, but I am pleasantly surprised by the comfort and responsiveness by this shoe! It is just the right amount of cushion that balances with the stability, and on my long runs it’s responsiveness is very effective. There is also some cushion around the heel which I find very comfortable and helps stabilize the heel as well.