Craft Hybrid Weather Glove

Is it a mitten or a glove? It is the best of both worlds, it is both. This 2-in-1 hybrid glove has a brushed outer shell that provides wind and waterproof protection. When finger dexterity is needed pop the fingers out of the shell and you are good to go. Keep your hands warm on your next winter adventure.




Product Description:

Is it a mitten or a glove? It is the best of both worlds, it is both. This 2-in-1 hybrid glove has a brushed outer shell that provides wind and waterproof protection. When finger dexterity is needed pop the fingers out of the shell and you are good to go. Keep your hands warm on your next winter adventure.

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Customer Reviews

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Anonymous Verified Buyer

February 17, 2024

Craft Hybrid Gloves

Perfect for running on those cold days. The mitten cover makes a remarkable difference at keeping your hands warm. If it gets too warm you can tuck it away have transition to normal gloves. I really like the versatility of these gloves.

Anonymous Verified Buyer

March 28, 2023

Second pair- love these gloves

Bought these to replace a lost pair. I love these for winter running. The convertible glove/mitten design makes them useful in varying conditions, and the mitten flap ticks away neatly when not in use. I also like the reflectors for being out when it’s dark.

Anonymous Verified Buyer

December 31, 2022

craft gloves

could not have been better

Thomas Richissin Verified Buyer

December 31, 2022

Par for the course

I would have given it 3.5 if I could have. My hands get cold relatively easy and the material on the mitten portion protects against win better than most, but I haven’t found any mitten w a glove liner to work great when it gets below 25. I think a mitten that I can place a hand warmer inside still works best at that temperature.

John Christian Verified Buyer

April 05, 2022

Best of both worlds

I really love these hybrid gloves. When I run in the cold my hands really are the worst part. They will be cold when the rest of my body is warm. Normally just the glove part will be good enough for me. On the days when it’s really cold or windy, the protective mitten shell provides the extra warmth needed.

Anonymous Verified Buyer

March 29, 2022

Craft Hyabrid weather glove

Excellent experience. My gloves were shipped quickly and they arrived 1 day early. The product is excellent.

Diana Hoek Verified Buyer

March 21, 2022

Craft Hybrid Weather Glove

It's a comfortable lightweight glove which kept my hands from getting too cold at temperatures down to 35 F.

Anonymous Verified Buyer

March 12, 2022

Love these!

Surprisingly warm. I wear them all winter and they are just the right layer to keep my hands warm on chilly mornings. Also love that they’re bright and reflective of I’m running in the dark. Highly recommend.

Jen Verified Buyer

March 03, 2022

Best gloves for cold weather running

I run outdoors in all weather, and right now that means hours in the cold training for a spring marathon. I couldn't keep my hands warm in normal lightweight running gloves so I got these. The shells work perfectly, they protect from the wind/rain and keep the heat from your fingers inside. I use them for every run where it's windy or under 30 degrees F outside. And if they get too warm, you can just fold the shells back!

Anonymous Verified Buyer

January 03, 2022

My overall experience was fair. The windshields are a useful accessory, but the gloves are altogether not what I expected. I thought I would be able to go for 50 min runs at between 30-45 F without feeling intense discomfort, but the gloves only held out for 20 min or so in such temperatures, after which I could feel the searing pain characteristic of cold temperature. That said, I found that the gloves were efficacious in such temperatures and durations if I had an additional inner layer of gloves.

Jeff Coccoluto Verified Buyer

March 17, 2021

Gloves 10, touch screen sensitivity 4

Like them a lot, just not as "screen friendly" as they hope.

Antonia P

January 15, 2021

Perfect Winter Glove (Staff Review)

Fantastic choice for Winter running! My hands get cold super easily and ever since I invested in this great hybrid glove I don't have that problem anymore. I've always preferred gloves over mittens but I actually found myself keeping the mitten on for an entire run. If you don't want to keep the mitten on, you can easily tuck it away in the little pocket on top of your hand. I like the thickness of the outer shell, wind/water resistant and reflective! Another cool feature of the gloves are that they have a thicker material on the lateral side of the thumbs to wipe away any sweat on your face, the extra fabric prevents your thumbs from getting wet and cold. Also has E-Touch embroidery to be able to use your phone. This is my favorite glove and will become yours too!

Philip Leonard Verified Buyer

December 28, 2020

Better than Expected

The gloves were a "wish list" gift for our daughter. She found them to be what she wanted, but even better than expected. In particular, she liked the reflective aspect of the gloves very much.

Andrea Mygrant Verified Buyer

December 24, 2020

Fantastic cold weather running gloves

Love them! I always have cold hands and these were the best I’ve used to date!

George Zartuche Verified Buyer

December 21, 2020


Great for running early morning after 3am before 5am for sight and that early chill