SHOE UPDATE: adidas Solar Boost

Adidas Solar Boost - Shoes Made from Recycled

adidas is consistently on the cutting edge of footwear technology, and they’ve released a new high cushioned shoe that has been getting some rave reviews. The Solar Boost is lightweight, bouncy, AND made from recycled ocean plastic. Pretty cool! Here’s what we love about it:


Adidas Solar Boost - Shoes Made from Recycled

The threads that make up the arch wrap are made from recycled ocean plastic. Here’s how the process works:


The ‘last’ is the mold that the shoe is built on. The last of the Solar Boost is wider in strategic zones to help you glide from heel to toe more smoothly. Additionally, the shoe features EVA Energy Rails along both sides of the foot, which help roll you through each step.


A butterfly construction gives your achilles some room. The very back of the shoe is a stretchy tech-fit material, while the sides of your heels are held in place with guide pieces. And the top part of the heel counter flares away from the body to reduce friction along the achilles tendon.

The adidas Solar Boost ($159.99) is available in men’s size 9-13 and women’s size 7-10 in select Marathon Sports stores and on


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