Last fall, Saucony debuted a brand new cushioning system. EVERUN was introduced in the Triumph ISO 2, replacing the brand’s Powergrid Cushioning System, and taking Saucony to a whole new level in the running specialty channel.

The way I always used to describe Saucony shoes to customers was to ‘think of the grid of a tennis racket and you’re the ball.’ The Powergrid cushioning system (and Progrid before that, and just Grid before that) provided a nice bounce upon heel strike and rolled you through to a lively toe-off.

But things in running shoes are changing. People want lighter, more responsive, more natural. So EVERUN took Saucony ‘s tried and true bouncy softness and enhanced it.

Saucony Everun Running Shoe

EVERUN utilizes a new type of technology called Topsole, which places the cushioning closer to the foot than it was before. Other running shoes embed their cushioning into the midsole, so your foot doesn’t actually come into contact with the physical cushioning. Your foot touches the sockliner, which sits upon the strobel board.

A strobel board is a thin sheet of EVA foam rubber that holds the upper to the midsole. Without a strobel board, the upper – the meshy part of the shoe that looks cool and wraps the top of your foot – would just float above the midsole. The strobel board is glued on the midsole and then the upper is stitched to it. 

Saucony Everun Running Shoe Rather than embedding the cushioning into the midsole and putting your foot right up against the firm strobel board, Saucony  places a 3mm layer of EVERUN on top of the sole – so it is in direct, continuous contact with your foot (just under the sockliner) throughout the entire run.


Topsole construction distributes force over a larger surface area, reducing ‘local peak pressures.’ Think of the way you feel when you lay down on a memory foam mattress, versus a traditional inner-spring mattress. Something like that.

EVERUN lasts three times longer than traditional EVA materials, and is not temperature-sensitive like EVA is. Not only does EVA get harder in very cold temperatures; it also heats up in warmer temperatures, getting softer and reducing impact protection. EVERUN (much like BOOST cushioning by adidas), is resistant to these types of performance fluctuations.

Saucony  running shoes with EVERUN are available in all Marathon Sports locations and at

Saucony Everun Running Shoe

And celebrate summer with the Saucony Run Pops collection with EVERUN, available at our Boston, Cambridge, Mansfield, Shrewsbury, and Wellesley locations.