New Routines, Awesome Views

by Seth Taylor, #road2boston ambassador

Can we talk about early morning runs and workouts for a second?


The view from the (newly finished!) Longfellow Bridge

My experience with both has always been voluntary and quite honestly the result of not being able to sleep. However, early mornings are my new norm, and I am perfectly okay with it!

Ultra training started on Monday, joining #road2boston training, and I started a new job on Wednesday! To say our house was busy is an understatement.

After 10Ks on Monday and Tuesday, and my first “doubleheader” (4 in the a.m. & p.m.) came on Wednesday with my first day of work. Evening legs felt like jelly.

Thursday morning was #StruggleCity. I quickly made it a rest day and only rolled/stretched after work.

And then came FRIYAY!


No words to describe this sunrise

Not kidding, I woke up at 5:15 a.m. with no alarm and was ready to head to the Esplanade. For those of you not familiar with the Charles River Esplanade, it is best described as, amazing. Every outing is unique, and Friday’s sunrise was spectacular. It temperature was in the low 30s with minimal wind. Here is the view from the Cambridge side of the river about 6 miles into the 8 mile trot.


It is safe to say that I am going to enjoy my morning workouts, rain or shine, when there’s a chance of treasures like this!


50 days out from the marathon, and I decided to test out these adidas adizero prime LTD shoes on our 14 mile “long” run. Until now they were my 7-9 tempo run shoes, and they were awesome for a long run!

Definitely enjoying the eating part of training!

All in all, it was a great week, we shall see how this week’s training goes. The weather is looking to hold true to New England….

Thank you for your continued engagement, and I hope your week is going well. Be sure to check out my fellow ambassador’s (@byemilystephens) posts, too!

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