Legs, feet, knees, and toes

by Seth Taylor, #roadtoboston ambassador

Yes, they get a runner across the finish line.

What about the rest of the body?


After 2 weeks and ~ 100 miles into my official training, I took to week 3 a little different than the first two.

As you hopefully followed on my Instagram (@runchillrun), instead of primarily focusing on miles, I took extra time for core, upper body, and non-impact cardio. Oh, I also took full advantage of a PIZZA on National Pizza Day (maybe my new favorite “National Day”) for fuel.

First things first, I took a rest day on Monday vs. Sunday because I like to do a shake out short run the day after a long run. REST sort of drove me crazy, I made cookies, rehydrated, had fresh detox tea (ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, fresh lime) and foam rolled.

The day “off” provided a fresh body and mind for the rest of the week. Tuesday and Wednesday brought great runs with tempo and hills with core work afterwards.


If you have not experienced the benefits of a ROWER/ERG workout, I highly recommend mixing it in. Definitely receive some instruction on proper technique from a studio to avoid injury. When executed properly, I have read that 84% of your muscles are exercised!

Thursday was as an active recovery day with rower and weight intervals. Speed through 500 meters used to be my focus on the rower, now I tend to focus on heart rate (HR) control. Overall, it was nice to get a good full body workout with low HR and lower body impact.

I quite literally “ran” errands on Friday, which totaled up to 10 miles (they add up quick), and the pizza industry had me in their marketing crosshairs all day. Of course it was not all bad, as I had been contemplating what to use for my Saturday long run fuel. With the afternoon coming to an end, I could not wait to order a large pizza and go for Gold during the re-airing of the Olympics opening ceremony. Just picture this pizza disappearing in 22 minutes. I was in bed by 10:30 p.m.


21.5 miles, that was my Saturday. 3 with Achilles International during an awesome Guide workshop, and 18.5 with my wife on our long run out around Boston College and back in on the Marathon course. It was absolutely awesome to be in shorts and a tank top!


9 weeks to go! Have a great one, and please let me know if you have any questions via a direct message on Instagram!

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