GEAR REVIEW: Brooks Cascadia Shell

A lightweight jacket is worth its weight in gold during springtime in New England…wait, not sure that expression really works here. Let’s say it’s worth a lot MORE than its weight in gold. We know how unpredictable the weather can be around here.

A lightweight jacket provides a great deal of versatility – it can be layered over a winter-weight baselayer and midlayer during some unseasonable cold (like the junk we’ve been dealing with over the last couple weeks), or put it on over a t-shirt or tank when you’re dealing with a warm spring rain shower. Many spring jackets are also packable so you’re good to go if the weather suddenly changes mid-run (but that never happens, right?)

Anyway, one such jacket that we’re really digging this season is the Cascadia Shell by Brooks. This light jacket is wind- and water-resistant, and ideal for run commuters. Here’s what we love about it:


We’ve all had that run where it’s rainy and gross at the beginning, and about halfway through the skies magically clear up. This jacket means you’re prepared for any weather – it packs into that front pocket.


Once you try this jacket on, you’ll be sold. The material is so light and soft you’ll never want to take it off! This is not your standard crinkly rain jacket. The poly woven shell moves with you and never feels rough against the skin.


A pack-friendly back panel expands to fit over a commuter bag so your gear stays as dry as you do!


You’ll never overheat in the Cascadia Shell thanks to side slit venting. So when the weather turns and you’re dealing with warm spring showers, you’re still nice and comfy.


Wearing this as a commuter jacket? Zip up into the scuba hood to keep your head dry.

The Brooks Cascadia Shell ($100) is available in select Marathon Sports locations.