Boston Marathon Faces of the Field: Michelle Murphy

Running the Boston Marathon has been a dream of mine ever since I was diagnosed with Myotonic Dystrophy 5 years ago.

In April, our plan was to launch our “Faces of the Field” campaign and highlight some runners you’d see cross the finish line of the 124th Boston Marathon. Obviously, the Marathon is now virtual, so we asked our group to tell us their 2020 Virtual Boston Marathon feels, plans, and expectations! Everyone meet Michelle!

“When I found out the race was going to be held virtually I was crushed. But this year has been full of changes and adaptation and I am thankful running has remained my consistent outlet of all my stress and frustration through it all.

I contemplated what I was going to do for a few weeks after hearing the news. I was tired of training and knew it wasn’t going to be the experience I had envisioned, but if I’ve learned anything over the past 5 years, it’s don’t give up. With all the hurdles I’ve dealt with, it’s almost fitting that this Boston marathon isn’t going to go as planned.

Ultimately I decided I could not pass up the opportunity to run the Boston Marathon- virtual or not. I don’t know what the future holds in terms of my running ability, and this race will definitely go down in history.

It has been my most challenging training cycle, lacking the motivation from the running community has impacted me more than I ever imagined. Training solo, and running a marathon without runners surrounding you and without crowds of people lining the course cheering you on, just makes the accomplishment that much more meaningful. It shows your true grit, strength, and determination. I will run the course, and crossing that finish line will be my greatest accomplishment.”