An athlete in everyBODY

Athlete In Everybody Comparison

We’re recognizing the athlete in everyBODY. We are not defined by size, shape, speed, or age. We are defined by our love of sport, our need to keep our bodies moving, and the pursuit of our goals, whatever they may be.

Running and fitness is something that is supposed to bring us joy and good health. But it often also causes so much self-doubt and negativity. Why?


We’re in a constant state of comparison – wishing you were as fast as that guy over there, or as toned as the girl next to you…

You know what makes this a billion times worse? Hearing it from people who have just done incredible things like run their first 10K, hiked up a mountain, or finished a marathon. But we hear it all the time!

“I wish I was thinner.”

“I’m not a real runner.”

“I’m not strong enough.”

Thousands of people come in and out of our stores each year having done some incredible things – setting goals and crushing them. Everyone’s goal is different, but there is a common thread with all these people – a lot of hard work, and a sense of pride over their accomplishment.

But how many of these proud goal-achievers do you think are also plagued with self-doubt and downplay their accomplishments? Probably most of them. Social media is wonderful but it can be a double-edged sword, as we are bombarded with images of sinewy “Instagram athletes” and their fast as lightning race times accompanied by hashtags like #nodaysoff. It can make the “ordinary” person who goes out there and works toward a goal – like training for a freaking marathon! – feel like they’re somehow not doing enough.

So let’s fight it! Just because someone doesn’t fit into the runner or athlete “mold” doesn’t make their goals any less laudable.

This season, we celebrate YOU.

Help us spread the message that your shape, size, or age doesn’t matter. What matters is the hard work that you put in day after day to achieve your goal. This fall is all about #everyBODY.