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SPORTS BRA GUIDE: Brooks Juno (High Impact) Sports Bra

Dan Darcy

Brooks Juno (High Impact) Sports Bra Features


TYPE OF SUPPORT: Unicup design; compression; adjustable straps & back closure


AVAILABLE IN: All stores

KEY FEATURES: Adjustable strap height; perforated unicup design; adjustable hook and loop back closure

Brooks Juno (High Impact) Sports Bra

Brooks Juno (High Impact) Sports Bra

Ladies, get ready to be locked and loaded. The Juno is not messing around. This is a go-to style for our C-DD cups engaging in high impact activities. The combination of molded cups, a strong bottom band, and a crossback design ensures that everything stays where it needs to be. If you thought you had to wear two bras during a run forever, think again.

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