The Winter Warrior Challenge

The Winter Warrior Challenge is a fitness challenge that gets you outside and keeps you moving through the winter months.

The Winter Warrior Challenge is back to kick off 2024! We challenge you to run or walk outside every day for January and February.

Track your daily mileage using our convenient online platform and see how you stack up against the rest of the participants. Living in New England and trying to compete with your family up north or out west? No problem — all the mileage is submitted remotely by you and can be completed anywhere outdoors!


Register Yourself or a Team

Take the challenge solo, or get your friends, co-workers, family, teammates and loved ones involved and see if you can take the Winter Warrior Team Title! Join or create a team during the registration process.


Yeti, Set, Go!

Get moving! The challenge is designed to get you outside and keep you moving throughout the coldest months of the year.


Track Your Mileage

Track your mileage every day using our new convenient online platform and see how you stack up against the field, or use our printable tracker at home.

Throughout the challenge, we award certain badges based on your mileage.

Individual leaderboards are updated live so you can see how you stack up! Team leaderboards are be updated periodically throughout the challenge.

We acknowledge the fact that a very important part of training is rest, recovery, and rejuvenation. This year, we’re encouraging all participants to take a day of rest every 7-10 days (or whatever your body needs).

  • Enjoy the Ride

    Get motivated by browsing the gear in the Winter Warrior store and checking out our tagged social media posts.


  • Multiple Ways to Win!

    Apart from the team and individual leaderboard, use #WinterWarrior24 on your photos on social media and tag us on Instagram @marathonsports for a chance to win Brooks shoes and Winter Warrior gear.

Gore-Tex Ghost 15 splashing in a puddle

You don’t have to be the fastest or run the furthest to win big!

This year we’ll have weekly themes regarding photos such as, “Take a photo with your favorite snowman…”, “Create your best snow angel”, etc. If you’re not participating in a snowy region we’ll ask you to get creative with cactus snowmen or sand snow angels.

Week 9 Challenge (2/26/24 – 2/29/24):

This is the last week of Winter Warrior. Congrats on making it to the end. This week we want to see photos of what has gotten you motivated to get out the door during this challenge. Be sure to tag us @marathonsports #winterwarrior24 for your chance to win Brooks Shoes!

Be sure to share all your favorite photos along your journey on social media and tag us to be entered to win Brooks shoes and Winter Warrior swag! Winners will be selected once per week during the challenge.

To enter to win, use hashtag #WinterWarrior24 and tag us on Instagram @marathonsports.

The Winter Warrior Store

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Registration Questions

When you go to the registration page, you’ll be able to create or join a team simply by entering the name of the team you’d like to join or start.

Mileage Tracking Questions

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