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Running spikes are necessary for runners who want to compete at their best on the track. Mid-distance track spikes are lightweight, but they still offer some cushioning in the heel to provide comfort during 800 to 1600-meter runs. They’re not as firm as track spikes for sprinters and not as cushioned as traditional running shoes. 

Instead, mid-distance spikes are designed to encourage a fast and consistent speed. They offer additional grip on the shoe’s forefoot to make stride turnovers faster and stronger. Track spikes are lighter than trail running or long-distance running shoes, which can also improve a runner’s speed.

Mid-Distance Spikes from the Industry’s Top Brands

Competitive runners require different types of spikes based on their foot size, shape, injury history, support requirements, and other factors. At Marathon Sports, we make it simple to find the best mid-distance men’s track spikes and women’s track spikes— including 800m spikes and 1600m spikes—from the most trusted brands in the game, like:

Each brand incorporates its unique technologies into their products, featuring varying spike plates, configurations, arch bands, cushioning, sock liners, and other features. The objective is to help athletes perform their best while ensuring comfort and safety, regardless of their level of competition.

Some spikes cater to professional athletes, while others are versatile for runners competing in multiple distances or disciplines. For emerging athletes, mid-distance track spikes often come with removable spikes.

Find The Best Middle-Distance Spikes at Marathon Sports

We’re dedicated to helping you find the best 800m spikes, 1600m spikes, and other track spikes to help you reach your running goals. One way we do this is through our Right Fit™ process. Visit one of our stores, and we’ll learn about your track running discipline, goals, foot shape, pronation, and more to recommend the best shoes, clothing, and gear.

In addition to top-tier mid-distance spikes, we also offer a complete selection of men’s running apparel, women’s running apparel, hydration technology, high-performance socks, and more to help you become the best athlete you can be. Shop our track spikes and more online or in stores today and gear up in today’s best performance wear!