Women's Altra FWD Experience

The AltraFWD Experience marks a new era for Altra. This lightweight running shoe offers the Altra FootShape™ comfort you know and love with a 4 mm offset.



Motion Control




4 mm


7.1 oz

Altra Shifts Direction But Still Incorporates Signature Style and Comfort

Altra is exploring uncharted territory with the new AltraFWD Experience, their first non-zero-drop running shoe. This daily trainer is incredibly lightweight and incorporates rocker-shaped geometry to help guide you forward. The AltraFWD Experience is an excellent choice for someone looking to dip their toes into the Altra world.

First, we’ll address the elephant in the room: the AltraFWD Experience moves away from zero-drop Balanced Cushioning™ and includes a 4 mm offset. This change in offset is still lower than most running shoes on the market and provides a more natural running feeling without going full-blown zero-drop. The midsole also features compression molded EVA foam with rocker geometry to encourage forward motion, rolling you forward with each cushioned step.

The AltraFWD Experience may be a new shoe but it holds on to some classic features such as Altra’s Standard FootShape™. This signature design helps give your feet a little extra space to splay naturally and also addresses biological differences in men’s and women’s feet.

Altra also added a breathable, engineered mesh upper to help keep your feet feeling cool and secure. The upper materials help keep the overall weight down, bringing the total for the AltraFWD Experience to around 7.1 oz for women and 8.5 oz for men.

Features & Benefits:

  • Standard FootShape™ Fit allows for ample foot space
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole foam provides soft cushioning
  • Incorporated rocker shape geometry rolls your forward
  • Engineered mesh upper is breathable with a sleek design
  • Category: Road
  • Offset: 4 mm
  • Stack Height: 26 mm/30 mm (Forefoot/Heel)
  • Weight: 7.1 oz

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Altra has a knack for designing running shoes that fit a wide variety of people thanks to their FootShape™ technology.
  • The AltraFWD is an incredibly lightweight trainer that doesn’t bog you down during your longer runs.
  • The diversion from Balanced Cushioning™ opens this shoe up to a lot more runners who aren’t ready to dive into a full zero-drop running shoe.