TriggerPoint Grid Cap & Straps

The caps and strap are made to make carrying your grid foam roller that much easier. Attach the caps and straps and you have a carrier at your disposal. You can also use the foam roller as a carrier once the caps are attached. Get your caps and straps today!

Product Description:

The TriggerPoint GRID® Caps turn your TriggerPoint hollow core roller into a gym bag. The easy-to-open caps create storage inside the roller itself, tightly securing all your gym necessities. Fits TriggerPoint’s hollow core foam rollers including GRID®, GRID®2.0, GRID®X, CHARGE™ and CARBON™. 

Features & Benefits: 

  • Transform your TriggerPoint hollow core foam roller into a gym bag to safely store and transport all of your gym necessities
  • Easy-to-open caps create storage inside the roller; press firmly when applying for a snug fit securing all personal items
  • Adjustable strap makes your hollow core foam roller comfortable to carry over your shoulder
  • Compatible with only TriggerPoint’s hollow core foam rollers including GRID, GRID2.0, GRID X, CHARGE and CARBON Foam Rollers
  • Measures 5 inches in diameter x 3 inches in height and weighs 1 pound; backed by one-year limited warranty