Tifosi Swank Sunglasses

Product Description:

Swank is retro-value for modern times, carrying the freedom of youth into the excitement and unpredictability of tomorrow. Swank’s light frame is designed for a no-slip fit and is equipped with shatterproof, scratch-resistant lenses covering a spectrum of popular colors. The Polarized lenses reduce glare and eye fatigue while using variable tint technology to rapidly adjust to the changing light conditions.

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Customer Reviews

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T Michael OGorman Verified Buyer

June 19, 2022


I really like them for comfort, feel and style.

John Lindeborg Verified Buyer

August 18, 2021

Great Sunglasses!

The Tifosi sunglasses have been great so far! Much like Goodr, they are an inexpensive Wayfarer style with the promise of no bouncing or slipping while you run. So far, they’ve been great to run in and have held up better than the Goodr’s I was wearing (the coating on the lenses rubbed off). Highly recommended!

Nicole Kondash Verified Buyer

May 03, 2021

Love these

These are perfect for outdoor activities that make you sweat. They are lightweight and do no slip down your nose while running. This is my second pair.

Laura Scanlan Verified Buyer

June 24, 2020


Excellent quality. Excellent customer service and very fast shipping.