Sprints O.G. Unisex Hats

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Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead is a traditional Mexican celebration where families welcome back the souls of the deceased. Sprints honors this tradition with the O.G. Day Of The Dead design. These flair-filled hats utilize lightweight, breathable materials and incorporate mesh vents on the front to improve airflow. Sprints also added a soft internal sweatband to help wick away sweat. The result is a cooler and breathable experience when you’re logging miles. Finally, thanks to the adjustable velcro band on the back you can personalize your fit with ease.

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Chase Verified Buyer

September 22, 2022

Love the color and flair

I don't have a large selection of running hats (or hats in general) so when I purchase one I make sure I get something fun. There's enough plain technical hats out there. I'm looking something that's turning heads, making people think "that is one funky looking dude." This brand has a lot of fun prints to choose from and the hats do well functionally too. Kept the sun out of my eyes and sweat out of my face, what more could I ask for?