SmellWell Active Freshener

Eliminate unwanted odors with the help of SmellWell Active Fresheners, a 3-in-1 solution that keeps your gear smelling fresh.


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A Natural Odor-Remover That Keeps You Smelling Fresh

Don’t just cover up smells, remove them entirely with SmellWell Active Inserts, made in a variety of fragrances. This 3-in-1 solution absorbs moisture, removes odor, and leaves a long-lasting scent to keep your shoes smelling fresh.

SmellWell Inserts work hard so you don’t have to, absorbing moisture in your shoes and hitting the source of the problem: no more moisture, bacteria, or bad smells. With this method, you’re able to eliminate offensive odors instead of trying to cover them up. SmellWell is climate-neutral and made with 100% non-toxic materials.

Features & Benefits: