Shokz OpenRun

OpenRun is their lightest headphones to date and is engineered with outstanding sound, and a long-lasting battery to keep you aware and motivated through any workout.


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Product Description:

Shokz’s top-selling wireless sport headphones formerly known as Aeropex now come with new packaging, a quick-charge feature, and a new name. OpenRun is their lightest headphones to date and are engineered with outstanding sound, a long-lasting battery, and Quick Charge to keep you aware and motivated while you power through any workout. The bone conduction headphones allow you to get pumped with your favorite music while still safely hearing your surroundings.

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Customer Reviews

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Anonymous Verified Buyer

February 06, 2024

Finally! No falling off or out

This has greatly enhanced my running - no more holding earbuds in, or trying to find them after they fall out. Worth the price.

Anonymous Verified Buyer

May 22, 2023

Great running headset

Easy to set up, good sound quality, easy controls, stable and weather-proof.

Verified Buyer

May 22, 2023

Excellent quality!

I’m so happy with this headphones! They fit perfectly, the quality is the best and the battery is long lasting. I had been using a cheap brand and I didn’t know what I was missing. The cheap ones broke a few months after I got them. I found the Shokz stand and they opened my eyes.

Anonymous Verified Buyer

May 08, 2023

Boston Marathon Run with Music

Surprisingly comfortable and long lasting battery