Women's New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Trainer v2

The New Balance SuperComp Trainer v2 is a high-cushion performance trainer that brings a race-day feel to your everyday run. Designed with cutting-edge shoe technology, this super trainer has all the tools to help maximize performance in your daily training.


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Bringing Race Day Energy To Every Run

The New Balance Fuel Cell SuperComp Trainer v2 is the sequel to the high-cushion trainer we all fell in love with. Designed with cutting-edge shoe technology, this super trainer has all the tools to help maximize performance in your daily training.

Taking a look at what’s new, the SuperComp v2 upper has been completely revamped to give it a slightly more traditional feel. Made with an engineered mesh, the upper has a little more structure and padding to it, especially around the heel collar. Previous mentions of rubbing around the ankle seem to have been mitigated with this new upper design.

Moving down the shoe we’re seeing two layers of New Balance FuelCell midsole foam underfoot. The FuelCell foam formula is always being refined over time and this version is a prime example as it’s even lighter than its predecessor. Sandwiched between the two layers of FuelCell is the EnergyArc carbon-fiber plate, providing you with a propulsive and smooth ride. Another update is the overall stack height of the SuperComp Trainer v2 has been taken down a bit from 47 mm to 40 mm. With this midsole update, New Balance was able to shave off over an ounce in weight, so you can enjoy maximum cushion without feeling weighted down.

New Balance had to make sure the SuperComp Trainer could handle a large amount of mileage so next we’re looking at the outsole. This version utilizes strategically placed, highly durable rubber along the outsole to extend the longevity of this running shoe.

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Customer Reviews

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Jamie Harisiades Verified Buyer

February 26, 2024

So good they warranted a repurchase

I'm a big fan of these shoes - I know they can be a bit polarizing and there may be some minor design flaws, but these warranted a repurchase for me. I put about 375 miles on my first pair during a marathon training block - probably a significant stretch for them - but honestly they didn't lose much over the course of the miles. Very cushioned, very springy and responsive. I use these primarily for long runs (particularly long runs with speed work), tempo runs, and speedier interval work. Honestly, not bad for a recovery run when your legs (or perhaps your ego) need a bit of help too. I just repurchased these as my next marathon training block is picking up. New colorway (first was the ice blue with pink accents - loved! - now these white guys with neon) is fun - I genuinely hate the other colorways (the orange and black...ew), but if I keep repurchasing, will just rotate these two colorways. I'd say the upper doesn't appear to be hyper durable - my big toes wore some near bald patches into the uppers - but this didn't happen until about 275 miles in probably. So, to be fair to this shoe, the uppers held up surprisingly well. There can be a touch of ankle bone rubbing towards the front, but this is remedied by wearing a slightly taller sock. Not a deal breaker by any means.

Anonymous Verified Buyer

February 23, 2024

Fuel Cell

Great. Shoe true to size. Prompt receipt of item as well

Lauren Wilson Verified Buyer

January 21, 2024

Good long run sneakers

Like them for longer run not especially fast

Lisa Verified Buyer

December 06, 2023

These feel perfect first run out!!