Women's New Balance Beacon V3

Springy, lightweight, and a whole lot of comfort. Zip-around in the light neutral running sneaker. The Beacon V3 features a Fresh Foam midsole that is soft and designed for comfort. Strategically placed outsole rubber pods add durability while the mesh upper provides breathability for the foot.



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Product Description:

Feel like you’re going further, faster with the Fresh Foam Beacon v3 running shoe for women. Our FRESH FOAM technology is designed for comfort, providing a cushioned yet lightweight ride. The Beacon v3 features strategically-placed rubber pods for extra durability, making these running shoes ideal for almost any run. Engineered mesh on top provides a barely-there feel.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Ground Contact Fresh Foam Midsole delivers a cushioned, lightweight ride and the outsole has strategically placed rubber outsole pods for durability where needed
  • Engineered mesh upper for a barely-there feel
  • Breathable textile material keeps your foot cool
  • Ultra Heel design hugs the back of the foot for a snug, supportive fit
  • Lightweight yet supportive, ideal for high-mileage runners
  • Category: Neutral
  • Drop: 6 mm
  • Weight: 6.8 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

chiara caggiano Verified Buyer

June 19, 2024

New Balance Beacon V3

They appear very well made and are very comfortable shoes for walking. However I was expecting more cushioning for running. I returned them for that reason.

Jessica Moran

January 17, 2021

My Favorite running shoes! [Staff Review]

I switched to the Beacon earlier this year. My runs have gotten faster and stronger. I Love these shoes, and love the color!

Hannah R

January 01, 2021

Lightweight and Very Comfortable Fit (Staff Review)

I really enjoy running in the Beacon V3s because they are very lightweight and fit my feet like a glove. They feel bouncy and soft when I run on uphills, downhills, and flats, providing me with a good amount of cushioning while running. The Beacon V3 also feels great running on both pavement and dirt trails. Additionally, even though the Beacon V3s have soft midsoles, they are still responsive while running and do not sink into the ground. I also like the heel design in the back of the shoe because it does not pinch in on my heel, but still keeps the shoe in place while running. Overall, the Beacon V3 is a very comfortable, lightweight, and a well-cushioned shoe that I will continue to run in!

Madeline R

January 01, 2021

Lightweight and Soft Shoe (Staff Review)

The Beacon V3 is very comfortable and feels invisible on my feet. While running with these shoes, I do not notice them as are very lightweight, but still, provide good cushioning. The midsoles of the shoes are very bouncy and soft, and the shoes are good for running on flats, downhills, and uphills. The shape of the Beacon V3 fits my foot perfectly, and I really like how the heel hugs the back of my foot so that my heel does not slide out. Overall, the Beacon V3 is a great shoe that I really enjoy running in for its responsiveness, bouncy feel, lightness, high cushion, and invisible feel on my foot!

Susannah M

December 07, 2020

Light, soft, needs niche (Staff Review)

I have had Beacon 1, 2, and now 3 so I was looking forward to trying this out. It's definitely maintained it's light weight and smooth underfoot feel through the years. It's a bit deceptive, at first it feels pretty firm but when I started running, especially when I picked up the pace, it started to feel soft especially in the forefoot which was nice at first, but then I felt like I was working too hard to keep the tempo. It fits my foot shape really well and is a little wider than other shoes in the same category so I love to have the option. I also found it a little too loose for gym workouts too. I like the Beacon, I'm just still trying to figure out its niche my collection.

Katya Levasseur

December 06, 2020

Good all around shoe! (staff review)

The Beacon is a good shoe for short fast work, but also tagging on some extra long mileage. The cushion is super lightweight and has held up really well with the mileage that I have put on it. It's also a good casual shoe that can be worn just out and about. I have gotten many compliments on the look of the shoe! The 6mm drop is perfect and gives a more natural feel as well as giving me support as my form starts to break down on my run. All in all I would say the Beacon is an awesome all around shoe that I will continue to purchase!


November 23, 2020

Pillows! Staff Review

Love the bounciness of these shoes.. It truly is like running on pillows! The way NB designed the heal is quite comfortable as well. Fresh Foam tops off the comfort level when running on pavement, great job designing Beacon V3 New Balance!

Lisa C.

November 23, 2020

Staff Review: The Beacon Shines!

I have been running in the Brooks Ghost for the past five years, so I felt like I needed to mix things up a bit and try something new and different. As soon as I laced up the fresh pair, it was love at first push-off :-) On a recent run, I received many compliments from my running buddies—it's an attractive shoe!—and they were very curious about how I liked running in them. The Beacon’s plush, cushy ride makes me feel like I could run forever. I was actually surprised at how much I liked this shoe because I have never run in New Balance. This latest version has a roomy upper, so your toes won’t feel cramped (I would suggest ordering your traditional size.) Not only is the Beacon lightweight and supportive, it is also comfortable and stylish. I could see myself running everything from short distances to a marathon in the Beacon! Bottom line: The Beacon shines!


November 19, 2020

Totally Wicked! [Staff Review]

This shoe is awesome! I can't even feel it when I have it on and it gives me extra energy in my workouts. Don't fear the heel counter! While it may look unorthodox, it really enhances the fit and gives me that locked in, custom fit for my foot. It also forces me to unlace the shoes each time rather than just sliding my foot in and out so I can't be lazy and risk compromising the structure of the shoe! I also love the generous fit of the toe box while still fitting true to my normal running shoe size. Even though it does have an extra cushy sole, I think it still works for most indoor cross training/gym work or just wearing around the house which definitely helps to prolong their durability.

Adrienne Perron

November 17, 2020

Staff Review!

The beacon is a great shoe for speedy workouts (with still some comfy, bouncy cushion in the sole), but I also wear it as a work shoe or just "out on the town!" My favorite features of the beacon are the light, flexible upper and the heel counter that gives my Achilles and my heel a little extra love... it's like having a little seat for the back of my foot to sit into! :) I'd recommend this shoe for someone who wants a speedy shoe with some cushion, or maybe for someone who likes a very lightweight trainer.