Nathan Zipster Lite

The Nathan low-profile Zipster training pack is lighter than ever. The Zipster is perfect for long run storage essentials.




Product Description:

Our popular low-profile Zipster training pack, lighter than ever 

  • Two zippered, weather-resistant pockets (four pockets individual pockets total) for an incredibly comfortable solution for carrying your essentials in the most unobtrusive way possible
  • Lightweight, stretch mesh comfortably form-fits around your waist
  • Fits most large-format smartphones

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous Verified Buyer

May 06, 2023

This is the minimalist phone holder I've been looking for!

Since I started using my new Zipster lite belt running, I've been so happy due to the lack of bouncing. I've tried multiple waist belts for carrying my phone running and this is by far the best. It fits my iPhone 11pro without a problem along with a key or an energy gel. Thanks for making such a low-profile bag!

Gabe P.

October 13, 2020

Nathan Zipster Lite (Staff Review)

This has been a great addition to my running essential arsenal. I have been continually trying to tweak my trail running set up. This is often highly variable in terms of choosing gear and essentials, and always dependent on distance/time and temperature. The Nathan Zipster has been able to hold my iPhone (Plus Size), 5+ gels, additional nutrition, and store the Nathan Soft Flasks (18oz and 14oz) tucked in against my body while awaiting refill. The Nathan Zipster is incredibly light weight and is hardly noticeable when running on flats, ascending or descending. I would suggest sizing down to ensure that the belt doesn't move and that it sits flush against your body.