Women's Janji Runterra Bio Tee

This short-sleeve running top is perfect for warm weather. The volcanic polyester blend enhances odor resistance, speeds up dry time, and provides greater thermoregulation. The Supima cotton adds strength to the fabric making this a perfect top for all your warm-weather runs.




Product Description:

Runterra is a blend of US-grown, long-staple Supima® cotton — which is stronger and softer than typical cotton — with a special polyester that has been blasted with volcanic particles to enhance odor resistance, speed up dry time, and provide greater thermoregulation. Yes, it has volcanic particles in it and no, you will not feel them. The fabric is incredibly soft, comfortable, and durable yet lightweight, and is intended to be worn repeatedly between washes to reduce water use. Designed to be able to break down in an anaerobic environment (not your closet) in under 4 years. 

Features & Benefits: