HOKA Ora Recovery Slide 3

After a long run, take care of your feet with the Hoka Ora Slide 3. Dual-density foam mixed with the right amount of support brings you a comfortable recovery.



6 mm


7.8 oz

Product Description

After a long run, your feet need to be taken care of. With the Hoka Ora Slide 3, you will get that comfortable feeling back quickly. With ventilation from the strap, you will get a dry cool foot quicker than with other styles, and your feet will thank you for taking care of them. With Hoka’s midsole foam, you will also get the underfoot cushioning you have come to expect and love from Hoka.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Beth Verified Buyer

July 09, 2024

Sooooo comfortable. My Achilles issue requires a lot of cushion at the moment. HOKA has proved far superior to others I’ve tried!!

Anonymous Verified Buyer

May 18, 2024

I purchased it online for my husband whose shoe size is usually M10. However it feels uncomfortably too short behind the heels.

Ethan Wang Verified Buyer

May 18, 2024

Amazing Slides!

These slides are the best recovery slides I have ever worn. I run around 40 miles a week and these are great to make sure I don’t get injured and recover properly. Highly recommend for anyone who runs a lot. They are also great to just wear around casually.

Paul Namkoong Verified Buyer

April 20, 2024

Love these

Great. Makes me taller and I still get to wear super comfy slides. Win win and the color is not too obnoxious

Al Harris Verified Buyer

January 11, 2024

Feet Saved!

I've been having foot pain from a myriad of afflictions over the last 10 years and assumed I was stuck with it. After wearing these all day while at home, my foot pain has reduced significantly. 10/10 recommend for anyone who runs (or even just is on their feet for many hours a day)

Lurane Ryerson Verified Buyer

January 07, 2024

Best Slides Ever

I have never liked slides for the reason:.Hard to keep on, walk in or comfort. I needed something everyday to slip and out of quickly a few times! I wear HOKA sneakers so gave these a try. Awesome!! I am a Senior,.senior (81) and really like these for all the reasons I never wore slides.