Women's CEP Compression Ultralight Calf Sleeves



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Product Description:

Get all the benefits of our signature compression technology while enjoying the lightweight feel. These compression sleeves offer superb breathability while helping to improve performance and prevent injury. Go the extra miles in these comfortable calf sleeves.

Features and Benefits:

  • Encircles your muscles more than 300 times in graduated compression
  • 25% less volume than CEP Calf Sleeves 2.0
  • Halo top-band keeps calf sleeves in place below the knee
  • Ultralight design and hydrophobic materials improve breathability
  • 20-30 mmHg graduated compression
  • Low-maintenance ownership–machine wash and hang dry
  • Guaranteed for six months (150-200 wears)
  • Material: 52% Polyamide (Nylon), 25% Elastane, 23% Polypropylene

Customer Reviews

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Lauren Charbonnier Verified Buyer

March 19, 2024

Great compression sock!

Great! I used them for a half marathon. They definitely helped with fatigue in my legs. The color is awesome.