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This sports bra moves with your body while providing the right amount of compression to reduce motion and offers run-ready support and comfort across a wide range of sizes. The bra features two side mesh pockets and a bonded pocket in the back to let you carry all your essentials on your run.

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Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Luzum Verified Buyer

April 20, 2022


Comfortable but not supportive enough for running.

Rachel Green

November 02, 2021

Love this bra! [staff review]

This is the bra I've always been looking for, and my first choice for a run! The phone pocket is the perfect size and the best option for carrying my phone since it sits comfortably between the shoulder blades and doesn't bounce at all. The fit is true to size and the perfect level of snugness. I like the high neckline which provides good coverage, and there is no chaffing in the underarm.

Carol Gagne Verified Buyer

September 20, 2021

Love it

So comfortable. Love the pockets

JULIE GAGNE Verified Buyer

August 13, 2021

Great purchase!

I have been looking for a good bra for a long time and came across this one! It is great and nice and high- which is the beat part! Totally a great purchase- went out and bought a second!