Women's Brooks Ariel GTS 23

This updated stability running shoe offers you smart support that compliments your natural running and walking motion.



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12 mm


10.7 oz
Brooks Running Collection

Trusted Stability With Complete Comfort

It’s time to welcome the updated stability Queen for women’s shoes, the Brooks Ariel GTS 23. This trusty stability trainer brings total comfort to your everyday walking or running thanks to the updated DNA LOFT v3 midsole cushioning. This nitrogen-injected cushioning provides lightweight, adaptable cushioning that’s built to last.

The Ariel GTS 23 incorporates Brooks GuideRails® along the medial and lateral sides to offer you smart support that compliments your natural motion. These GuideRails help keep excess motion in check, aiding your feet, knees, and hips. The shoe base is also slightly wider than previous versions for more inherent stability. Take a look at the upper and you’ll notice some additional structure and stretch thanks to the 3D Fit Print technology from Brooks. This allows the upper to maintain its shape without feeling stiff, fitting comfortably around your foot.

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Customer Reviews

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Anonymous Verified Buyer

April 10, 2024

Updated version of a reliable running/walking shoe

Brooks Women’s Arial GTS 23 are a terrific update of the reliable running/walking shoe. I’ve been wearing Brooks Women’s Arials since 2018, and they are revelatory. They changed my whole approach to running and walking and are my go-to shoe for everyday, so long as I don’t need something for rain, snow, or dress occasions. Arials stabilize the feet. I have extremely flat feet and before being recommended Arials by Marathon Sports, my feet tired quickly and negatively impacted my endurance, balance, and energy for exercise. Thank you for the latest model of Brooks Women’s Arial GTS 23!

Anonymous Verified Buyer

January 18, 2024

Terrific update on an old friend

Brooks Women’s Ariels have been life-changing for me. When introduced to them in 2018 by a Marathon Sports salesperson, I was new to running and walking for exercise. She took me seriously and was compassionate as she reviewed my needs. She outfitted me in Brooks, and they have been the most comfortable and reliable shoes ever. They increased my endurance and stability when running. I have worn them since at every workout. As well, I’ve used them when not working out too, and I can feel the difference not only in my feet, but my legs, back, and body as a whole. The new Ariels are terrific. I’m glad for an update on the model.