The Right Fit

Marathon Sports is a 16-time BEST OF BOSTON award winning team of footwear fitting specialists dedicated to making each and every step you take as comfortable as can be. We've achieved this level of success in part due to the fitting process we pioneered in 1992. We call it "The Right Fit," and we think you'll agree. 


Ultimately, being fit properly for footwear is a key element to injury prevention and comfort. Our Right Fit process can be the difference between maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, and not being active at all. Instead of treating injuries, Marathon Sports does its best to prevent them.
Each customer, regardless of their personal experience or activity level, receives a personal consultation with one of our highly trained staff to determine how the foot bears the body's weight during the gait cycle. Through this observation - and bearing in mind any past or present injuries or concerns; orthotic use; and training level - an accurate shoe recommendation can be made.
During this unique fitting process, the staff member will educate the consumer about their foot structure and biomechanics, and how or, more importantly why, a particular shoe recommendation is the right choice. After observing the user in action, in the recommended footwear, similarly constructed footwear will be shown to help the consumer choose for themselves the most appropriate fit.
No appointments are necessary, and the whole process is completely free of charge. For more information, please visit any of our eleven convenient Boston-area locations.
Please note: our assessment of an individual's biomechanical needs is only one component in achieving a proper fit. User feedback, experience, and subjective taste all play a role, and while we do our best to make suggestions we feel are the most appropriate for a given foot, they are just that: suggestions. The decision making is ultimately in the hands (and feet) of the user.