Run For The Money

Black Friday is right around the corner, which means it’s time to Run for the Money!

Black Friday tends to be wild and stressful. We want to give you the opportunity to get some exercise and release some of the stress you have built up from the past few months by getting a good deal.

Run For The Money is Back!

Miles this year can be run from anywhere. Run from a store, or any location of your choosing. This promotion will run from 11/26-11/28 * Reminder, your miles MUST be run in that time frame and you MUST come in within that time frame to collect and your dollars in-store.

Earning Your Money

There are plenty of people who avoid all the Black Friday sales, and we want to give you the opportunity to get some exercise and release some of the stress you have built up from the past few months.


Please make sure to complete your miles at some point between Friday and Sunday. Upon completion, you will have until close of business on Sunday to redeem your coupon.
Then, go shop!


We will authenticate mileage in the following ways:
-GPS watch OR
-Any running app

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I count my Turkey Trot toward my RFTM reward?

    Unfortunately, ONLY runs completed from Friday to Sunday will be counted in the promotion.

  • I can’t make it on Friday. Can I run on Saturday or Sunday instead?

    YES! The promotion runs all weekend.

  • I can’t make it this weekend. Can I come in on Monday or next week?

    No. The promotion is only good for Friday through Sunday.

  • Can I combine my RFTM reward with a coupon or other discounts I have?

    No, RFTM bucks cannot be combined with any other offers. What this means is that people
    cannot use a coupon in the same transaction. They can take advantage of Sockapalooza, sale
    items, and markdowns. You may honor Run Club discounts, Doctor referral discounts, etc. Just
    no coupons.

  • Can an employee utilize RFTM?

    Unfortunately, staff may not take advantage of this promotion in combination with their store
    employee discount. If they would like to forgo their discount (if that somehow works out better;
    I don’t believe this would be the case anywhere) they may take part.

  • What if I want to run more than 6 miles?

    Go for it! But the maximum amount that you can earn is $30.

  • What if I spend less than $100?

    This promotion is only good on purchases of $100 or more. The $100 must be hit AFTER
    discounts are applied if they use any. This includes the early Cyber Monday deal if you run into
    it on Sunday.

  • Can I save my RFTM bucks to use another day?

    Your RFTM reward MUST be used that weekend

  • Can I run on Friday but shop on Saturday or Sunday?


  • Are my RFTM bucks good online?

    RFTM bucks are only good for in-store purchases on 11/27-11/29

  • Can my friend give me their RFTM bucks to add onto mine?

    No – your reward bucks are good for your purchase only; with a maximum redemption amount
    of $30.