Travel Stick - Red/White (G-1750)

Travel Stick - Red/White (G-1750) Loading...
  • Travel Stick - Red/White (G-1750)
  • Travel Stick - Red/White (G-1750)

Product Description:

Hands down, the most important tool to have in your arsenal of injury prevention toolbox. The Travel Stick increases circulation to muscle groups to eliminate waste and reduce soreness. Lactic acid can build up in muscles, so use before workouts to warm muscles. Speeds muscle injury recovery. Flexible shape conforms to body. 17" long


Features & Benefits:

  • A simple to use self-massage device for runners
  • Flexible rod with 8 independent rollers: Provides firm massaging action on a variety of muscle groups
  • Before workout massage: Improves flexibility and helps prevent injuries
  • After workout massage: Reduces soreness and helps speed recovery
  • Comfortable grips: Portable enough to take anywhere
  • 17'' long