Superfeet Trim-to-fit Orthotic



Product Description:

Superfeet insoles are designed to deliver exceptional comfort smooth and efficient energy return while running or walking.

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Customer Reviews

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Bob Moshiri Verified Buyer

December 23, 2023


Excellent. I have had Surefeet insoles before and they help me recover from plantar fasciitis. This was a replacement of a worn out insole.

Anonymous Verified Buyer

June 06, 2023

Good support

Helps with achy Achilles

Anonymous Verified Buyer

March 07, 2023


Love the superfeet orthotic!

Anonymous Verified Buyer

May 02, 2022

Superfeet Green

These orthodic inserts are great for plantar fasciitis

Lisa Kaufman Verified Buyer

September 13, 2021

Superfeet hurt

I bought these to fit my Topos ST-3's per recommendation of the store person who helped me buy my new Topos. She said they would work for the shoes. They actually fit well in the shoes which is why I bought them... But after about a week the Superfeet inserts were really hurting my arches. I actually got a bruise on my right foot in the process of trying to endure the discomfort. And that told me to stop using them. I tried going back to them but my feet are now too tender from these and I can't wear them. These inserts are just too stiff for me. I need inserts with a much softer arch support. I can't say much about durability or performance since I wasn't able to use them for long.

Barbara Tyczkowski Verified Buyer

August 24, 2020

A good product

These insoles give me the support I need to avoid pronating. My knees feel a lot better when I use them!

June Schwartz Verified Buyer

May 25, 2020

Easy Peasy!

Perfect! My insoles work exactly as they are supposed to, offering an excellent source of comfort and support.

Jennifer B. Verified Buyer

March 25, 2019

Necessary for stabilizing my foot

I buy these all the time along with Brooks dyads. They work perfectly for me.

Maria M. Verified Buyer

January 15, 2019


Extreme comfort