Superfeet Run Pain Relief



Product Description:

Designed specifically for running, Superfeet RUN Pain Relief Max insoles help stabilize the foot to minimize repetitive stress. The Superfeet shape personalizes the fit of the shoe, while the independent Heel Stabilizer keeps the pain relieving-shape closer to the foot.

Features & Benefits:

  • AEROSPRING FOAM – Durable viscoelastic closed-cell foam absorbs impact to deliver long-lasting comfort
  • Deep Heel Cup – Features the widest and deepest heel cup that offers maximum support and positions the soft tissue to help with natural shock absorption.
  • Moisturewick With Odor Control – Top layer delivers long-lasting odor control
  • Evolyte Carbon Fiber-Blend Stabilizer cap for weight defying support
  • Heel Stabilizer – Personalizes the feel and function of the insole. Reduces excessive shifting and movement in the footwear. 
  • Beveled Edge – The beveled foam edge improves the fit in tighter fitting footwear.