Outdoor Research Face Mask Kit (283298)

An outdoor running mask that can help keep the germs out and you safe. This mask allows for a customizable fit with the nose wire and adjustable ear loops. The Face Mask Kit makes protection comfortable and convenient. Wear this washable mask on its own or pair with the Face Mask Filter for high filtration efficiency.


Product Description:

Protect yourself and others the next time you leave home with the Face Mask Kit. With a customizable fit and a highly packable design, the Face Mask Kit makes protection comfortable and convenient. Wear this washable mask on its own as a basic face covering, or pair with the Face Mask Filter for high filtration efficiency. The Face Mask is treated with HEIQ V-BLOCK® NPJ03.

** Final Sale: Sorry, we do not accept returns or exchanges on masks, neck gaiters, or face coverings. **

What’s Included: 1 Face Mask, 3-Pack Mask Filters, and Protective Storage Pouch

Features & Benefits:

  • Fully customizable fit. Adjustable ear loops and nose wire for a comfortable snug fit.
  • Microbe and Germ Resistant. Water & stain repellent, the mask can be laundered up to 30 times while maintaining 100% of the HEIQ V-BLOCK® NPJ03 performance.  After 30 washes, the HEIQ V-BLOCK® will slowly diminish.
  • Built to last. Durable polyester fabric outperforms cotton in a 10,000+ cycle abrasion test and is faster to dry and wick moisture.
  • Filters greater than 95% of virus, bacteria, and particles in accordance with ASTM test standards.
  • Reduces the risk of contaminant transmission by utilizing very high filtration efficiency when used in conjunction with a mask.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Breathable & Non-Irritating
  • Fabric: 100% Polyester

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Dorothy Cronin Verified Buyer

March 19, 2021

Great mask

It’s made running with a mask bearable! I had been using a cloth mask and constantly had to pull it up and down. With this one, I can just leave it on and run!


December 16, 2020

Comfortable Mask (Staff Review)

This mask is lightweight and breathable. The adjustable ear straps really help this mask stand out as I usually have a tough time with masks that do not have this feature. I am able to customize the fit of this mask to my liking by shortening the earloops and adjusting the nose piece. The filters are a nice added benefit and layer of protection. My only gripe with the mask is that getting the filter into place can kind of be finicky, but all in all, this is a great mask for running and everyday use.

Brian H Verified Buyer

December 16, 2020

Face Mask [Staff Review]

A great mask for long term use. Using the interchangeable filter helps cut down on condensation building up on the inside of the mask and provides a comfortable fit. The adjustable straps and nosepiece are easy to adjust and give a nice snug fit so my sunglasses don't fog up. Overall I highly recommend it!

Timothy Samsel Verified Buyer

December 08, 2020

Face mask

Overall I like for everyday use, my only complaint is when I use them on the mountain as a ski patroller with my helmet and goggles my face gets really warm as they don’t let enough fresh air in.

Chris Marino

November 05, 2020

Let your beard breath! [Staff review]

Great light mask that doesn't squish my beard in weird ways. The adjustable nose piece helps to prevent my sunglasses from fogging up while running and biking. I get the inclusion of the filters for extra safety. They are simple enough to put in, but I don't bother.


November 03, 2020

Great for All Day Wear [Staff Review]

I like this mask! It is a little big for my face but I love the adjustable ear straps and nose piece. The mask is super light and breathable.


October 22, 2020

Comfortable, no foggy glasses, and I can speak clearly [Staff Review]

This is one of the better masks I've tried so far. My sunglasses don't fog up like they do with cloth masks that don't have a nose wire. The mask has a seam from the nose to the chin which keeps it away from my mouth, allowing me to speak clearly, and the fabric doesn’t stick when exercising. The adjustable ear loops are easy to use and make for a good fit. It's nice to have the three-pack of filters included, although I don't always use them. The filter slips behind two flaps by the ears and generally stays in place without issue. I would like to see a full-size pocket for the filter, but it hasn’t been a problem. All in all, this mask creates a better seal than other cloth masks without being uncomfortable or irritating, and it is fully adjustable for a good fit on anyone. Great for wearing for a long time!