Currex RunPro Insoles (201)



Product Description:

CURREX RUNPRO insoles deliver sensational comfort, optimized motion, reduced injuries, and enhanced stability for greater confidence. They are your final step to better running. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Deep decoupled heel cup for a perfect fit, wrap and lock.
  • Bambo Mid Layer for moisture-wicking and charcoal to reduce odor.
  • Poron Heel Cushion for rebound and shock absorption.
  • 3D Dynamic Arch for anatomic support, dynamic stability and for less fatigue.
  • Propo+ for maximum rebound and powerful propulsion.
  • SKU: 2013

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Anonymous Verified Buyer

October 24, 2023

Added comfort!

Fit great….very comfortable!

Anonymous Verified Buyer

February 13, 2022

solid supprt

They provide a very lightweight and slim support system that works well, is comfortable and holds up!

Rita Donohoe Verified Buyer

July 07, 2021

Currex Insoles

I love my currex insoles - they are comfortable and provide the heel and arch support that I need for slightly flat feet/over pronation. Would recommend.

Josh L.

May 23, 2021

thin insole with great plantar fasciitis relief

I was suffering from worsening plantar fasciitis, and these insoles were a key part of my overall recovery. Recommended by a Marathon Sports associate in the store, along with some 3/4 insoles for my everyday shoes, I found these provided great support and relief while running. They're very comfortable, and don't add bulk in my shoe. I'm about to order my third pair. They hold up great, and if it wasn't for tracking the mileage to stay in the recommended usage range, I wouldn't have a reason to replace them. They are also great in my X-C ski boots.

Chris Chorney Verified Buyer

May 13, 2021

Currex RunPro Insoles - definitely worth the purchase

These insoles are great. I sometimes get arch pain when wearing the stock insoles on most footwear, so when I bought my new running shoes I also bought a set of these insoles. They feel mighty comfortable and even when I go hard my feet don't hurt. They are a great investment if you have any sort of foot discomfort and Sarah at the Old Saybrook store did a great job with helping me select the right level of arch support for my arch type and gait.

Angela LaPointe Verified Buyer

May 29, 2020

Must Buy

It made an old pair of shoes feel like new. Highly recommend these insoles. They offer plenty of support and cushion, but they are thin as can be.