Men's ChicknLegs Shorts

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Fun, comfortable, and impossible to miss

An utterly perfect pair of shorts for all milk lovers, the Choccy Milk ChicknLegs shorts. These running shorts are the perfect item for road running, trail running, racing, and any other type of running you can think of. The ChicknLegs split shorts are made with lightweight fabric, a comfortable waistband, and super soft liners to bring you complete comfort while you’re turning heads out there.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Soft elastic waistband for a comfortable, unmoving fit
  • Inner pocket for stashing your essentials
  • Black mesh liner for full coverage and breathability
  • Machine washable
  • SKU: 4010-166

Why You’ll Love It: 

  • The fun and unique patterns are a great way to show off your fun side or race in style
  • Whether you like the 2″ or 4″ inseam, these shorts are lightweight and race-ready while still being comfortable for long runs