Balega Blister Resist Quarter Running Socks - Fuschia (8165-8894)

Balega Blister Resist Quarter Running Socks - Fuschia (8165-8894) Loading...

Product Description:

The Balega Blister Resist quarter crew running sock gets its blister resistant mojo from the unique combination of natural Mohair and DryNamix. Turns out, mohair is really soft and really strong. And when it’s woven with DryNamix in the sock, it creates a fiber that significantly reduces sheer friction, protecting your feet from blisters for the long run. Or short run. Your call.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Hand-linked seamless toe for seamfree comfort
  • Specially constructed mesh ventilation panel to keep your feet cool and dry
  • High tab heel ensures that your sock stays in place, providing for a comfortable fit
  • Extra-deep heel pocket
  • Medium volume construction – not too little – not too much – just right