Balega Ultralight No Show Running Socks

Product Description:

Balega’s Ultralight No Show socks combine ultrafine hi-tech performance yarns with a protection-based design to create the sheerest, lightest performance no show running sock. Engineered with Drynamix moisture management technology, these socks will keep your feet cool and dry, while allowing free airflow for maximum comfort, performance, and durability.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Constructed with ultrafine high-tech performance yarns to create the sheerest, lightest performance no show running sock
  • Reinforced microfiber toe and heel along with unique heel design creates a more formed, extra-deep heel pocket
  • Proprietary Drymax moisture-wicking fibers keep feet cool and dry, and feature reinforced microfiber mesh ventilation panels
  • Hand-linked, seamless reinforced toe maximizes comfort, high heel tab helps prevent the sock from slipping and minimizes exposure to blisters
  • Left/right foot construction method ensures the perfect fit
  • Proudly made in the USA. Each sock is hand-inspected for quality insurance. One-year warranty
  • SKU: 8926

Are Balega Socks Worth It?

Absolutely! Cheap socks move around on your feet and can cause black toenails, blisters, and callouses. Balega socks are specially designed with the newest sock technology and engineering to ensure a perfect fit. They reduce areas of irritation like in the toe and the heel by utilizing seamless designs specifically to reduce the chance of irritation. Once you get a pair on your feet you will see exactly what you have been missing out on!

Customer Reviews

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Marianne Feran Verified Buyer

April 29, 2020

These socks rock!

I am very pleased with these socks. I have been wearing Balega socks for many years; they are well made and last a long time.