Amphipod Vizlet Flash Dot LED 2-Pack

The magnetic clip will attach quickly and securely to any garment of clothing. Blinking or staying lit the entire time you are out running or walking. Be safely seen in the dark nights.


Product Description:

An easy clip and you are ready to go. Being safely lit and seen at night is crucial and the Mini LED 2 pack can help you along the way. Simply clip the LED to your pants, shirt, hat, or any other garment that you are wearing. The two magnets give a secure clamp so the LED will be with you the entire way.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy push button on/off
  • Flashing LED with simple one-touch activation
  • Add high brilliance reflectivity to just about anything!
  • Easy-to-attach with integrated dual magnets
  • Uses simple to replace CR2032 battery