Amphipod Stretch-Bright Fluorescent Reflective Band (48)


Product Description:

Ultra-bright reflective fluorescent visibility band.  Fits wrist or ankle. Adjustable, soft, and chafe-free with stretch-fit comfort.

Features & Benefits:

  • End-to-end high brilliance reflectivity
  • High brilliance fluorescent color for day/night visibility
  • Easy grasp quick release design with hook/loop closure
  • Comfortable soft backing
  • Adjusts to fit a full range of wrist/ankle sizes
  • Great accessory to enhance low-light visibility for running, walking. biking. and other fitness activities
  • Amphipod Full-Viz Flash Clip-On LED can be purchased separately for lighted/flashing/strobe visibility
  • Stretch-Bright band fits wrist or ankle up to 12″ around