-How does it work?

The Winter Warrior Challenge is designed to start the year off on a happy and healthy note by getting us up and off the couch and into fresh air. Who wants to spend time in a crowded gym with all those New Year’s Resolutioners, anyway?

Each day in the month of January, run (or walk) at least one mile OUTSIDE, and track your mileage through the Winter Warrior web platform, powered by RaceWire. You are responsible for knowing the mileage that you’ve run - if you don’t have a GPS running watch, check out free online resources like the Google Pedometer or MapMyRun.


-How do I log my runs?
Log in to your RaceWire account at You will be directed to your own personal homepage. Scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see a section labeled ‘My Events.’ Click on the Winter Warrior header and it will bring you to your Winter Warrior homepage. You’ll see a header labeled ‘Log or Edit Mileage.’


-What if I miss a day?
The challenge dictates that you run or walk outside every day in January. Unfortunately, if you miss a day, you’re OUT! So get on out there! Check out our Warrior Events Schedule to keep you motivated.


-What if I run, but forget to post my miles?
You have four days to post mileage for a given run. You MUST log your mileage in this window – if you forget and miss the four day deadline, you are OUT. Unfortunately there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. Do whatever you need to do to remember to log your runs! Set an alert on your phone, have a friend remind you, write on your hand...because if you forget to do so, you're out of the competition. 



-Where do I get my t-shirt?
When registering, select the Marathon Sports store location that is most convenient to you. Your t-shirt will be sent there, and you will be given instructions on when you can pick it up. Shirts will NOT be shipped out and MUST be picked up within two weeks of receiving notification of arrival via email. Shirts can be expected to arrive in stores in roughly mid-February. If you order one, you will be notified via the email that you signed up with. Your shirt will be sent to the store you selected at the beginning of the registration process.
If you cannot pick up your shirt after the completion of the event, please do not purchase one, as refunds will not be given.



-I’m having trouble logging my miles. What do I do?
First, make sure you’re logged in under the correct account in order to access your Winter Warrior Challenge platform. Also, make sure that you are entering mileage under the correct date (the system will not allow you to log any runs more than four days out from the current date). If you’re still having trouble, please contact

-I’m having trouble logging my miles on my phone, but it seems to work on my laptop.
Users trying to log their miles via phone have noticed that you can enter the month, but then when you try to enter the day it kicks you out. When you select the month, DO NOT click 'Done.' Tap that little down arrow on the left side under the 'Save' button, which will allow you to select the day. Then tap it again to select the year.


-How do I sign up to be on a team?
When you go to the registration page, you’ll be able to select one of three options: join a team, create a team, or individual registration. If you’d like to serve as team captain, select create a team. If your friend has already created a team and you’d like to join, select join a team. You will then be given a dropdown menu of Winter Warrior teams that you can select from. If you’re not sure if you want to join just yet, don’t worry – you can always add yourself to a team later on.


-Can I change teams once I’m signed up, or add myself to a team?
You can add yourself to a team by selecting the ‘add to a team’ option in your Winter Warrior profile. If you are currently on a team but would like to switch to a different team, please contact


-I can’t find my name in the leaderboard. Why is that?
First, check to make sure you’ve logged miles for every day in January. For example, if you didn’t log your run from yesterday yet, you will fall off the board until that day is logged. If you failed to run for even a single day in January, your name will no longer appear on the active leaderboard.
If your name does not appear on the leaderboard, and all your runs are logged correctly, please contact



-The system won’t let me log in, help!
Make sure you are using the correct email address associated with your Winter Warrior account! If you forgot your password, click the ‘Forgot Password’ link and we will email you instructions on how to reset. If you’re still not able to log in, please contact



-Can I sign up multiple people under my account?
Yes! You can manage multiple accounts under your RaceWire profile. You will sign up multiple times using your email address – the only thing that will change will be the participant information. When you scroll down to ‘My Events,’ you’ll see multiple listings for Winter Warrior. Please note that if you sign up multiple users under your account, they must log in to your account in order to log mileage. So this option is advisable for parents logging miles for their children – but we highly recommend that people create their own accounts for ease of account maintenance.


-Why don’t I see Gold, Silver, or Bronze mileage levels during registration?
You don’t need to commit to a daily mileage goal when you sign up – the system will auto-assign your level based on the runs that you log in January. Remember, you must hit the mileage benchmark EVERY DAY to remain in that category. These categories are not based on average mileage per day, but rather, actual mileage for each day.


For instance, if you run 5 miles a day for 30 days in January, but run 1 mile for the 31st day of January, you will end up in the Bronze category.


-I’m logged in to RaceWire, but don’t see Winter Warrior listed under my events?
You may be logged in under the wrong email address. Please make sure that the email address you are logged in under is the email address that you initially signed up under. Also – make sure you are NOT logged in through your Facebook account. Log out completely, and log back in using the email address that you used when signing up for the Winter Warrior Challenge.


-I didn’t purchase a t-shirt when I signed up – can I still get one later?
Unfortunately, t-shirts must be purchased during the registration period. They will not be available for sale after that time.


-What if I make a mistake and log the wrong mileage?
You have four days to edit your mileage log in your RaceWire account. You can go in, select the run that is incorrect, and edit it. If you are beyond the four day window, please email for mileage log correction.


-What if I make a mistake and log the wrong date?
You have four days to edit your log in your RaceWire account. You can go in, select the run that is incorrect, and edit it. If you are beyond the four day window, please email for mileage log correction.


-Is there a Winter Warrior app?
For ease of use, and the best user experience possible, all things Winter Warrior will be done on a web browser (whether on a desktop/laptop or mobile device).