The sports bra is arguably the most important piece of apparel in most women’s running wardrobe. Like the rest of your running apparel, it’s all about proper fit and function with a dash of fashion. A poorly fitting bra can not only negatively affect your workout, it can even slow you down! According to Brooks Running: “when women wear a bra without enough support, women can lose up to 4cm of stride length due to poorly controlled breast movement — that’s an entire extra mile over the length of a marathon!”

“When women wear a bra without enough support … that’s an entire extra mile over the length of a marathon!” – Brooks Running

So, what do women want from a sports bra? They want a bra that allows them to perform at their best, in whatever activity they are pursuing. They want comfort, support, coverage and options…does it come in another color? What women don’t want; chafing, straps that slide or bind, side boob and the need for a crowbar to get that sweaty bra off after a workout!

There are a few things to consider when choosing a sports bra; the level of impact your workout creates, the amount of coverage you want, and how the bra will get on and off of your body. Through trial and error and miles of wear testing, our apparel buyer and staff have curated a selection of styles and support levels from multiple brands. We are certain we can help you find the Right Fit for your sports bra

Getting properly Getting properly measured for your new bra is the first step. We can help you do this in one of our stores or you can do it at home yourself. (Though we find it’s helpful to have someone else hold the measuring tape). We will take 2 measurements, the first is around your ribcage directly under your bust. The second measurement is around the fullest part of your bust, preferably in a regular everyday bra. The difference between your ribcage measurement and your bust measurement determines your cup size.
Now let’s talk about what activities you will be doing in your bra and how much support you want/need. Low impact activities like yoga, spin and pilates won’t generally require as much support as high impact activities like running or a HIIT workout. We carry bras for all types of workouts and impact levels.
Now that we know what you’ll be doing in your new sports bra let’s talk about style. We offer multiple sports bra styles, the style you choose will be about your personal preferences. Do you want a bra with a wide strap or thin straps or multiple straps? Do you want the closure in the back or the front or do you want a simple pull on option? The answers to these questions will help you find the fit for you!