Marathon Sports has supported high school athletics since our beginnings back in 1975.

Marathon Sports Team Nights are pre-season events that take place at our store locations. We invite a high school team into the store for a shopping night where each team member receives 20% off all non-sale merchandise (excluding electronics). Team Nights are the perfect opportunity to get your athletes stocked up for the season – pick up some training shoes, spikes, apparel, accessories, and more!

Team Nights provide an intimate and effective fitting environment that is uniquely suited to the needs of each program and its athletes and staff. Learn more about our Right Fit™ process and what you can expect at your Team Night!

  • Why should I schedule a Team Night at Marathon Sports?

    Aside from the great discounts offered to your athletes, we know what it means to be an athlete. Our staff is comprised of many former and current collegiate coaches and athletes and this intimate understanding of the sport lends itself to a depth of knowledge in injury prevention and equipment selection second to none.

    Also, Marathon Sports Team Nights are often sponsored by a vendor, which means some free stuff for your athletes!

  • I coach a ::insert any sport name here:: team, can I still book a Team Night for my team?


    Every athlete needs more than just a pair of turf or court shoes.

  • How do I schedule a Team Night?

    Contact Dennis Sheppard (e: [email protected]) for more information on getting your team in to one of our stores.

    Click here to book your Team Night today